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Bed bugs have small, flat, oval-shaped bodies. They are wingless. Bed Bug is crawling Pest. Bed parts and folded areas are the best place to find Bedbugs. Most of the Bedbugs arrived at the house in the month of August and September. Getting eliminate bed bugs is disagreeable. Moving out a troubled pad won't solve the matter.

At our pest control, our team of bed bug consultant’s are a unit extremely trained and easily eliminates your Bedbugs. We use an advanced technology to eliminate the bedbugs these technology is creating the eco-friendly system in the home. We are the leading pest control company in Hyderabad. By using the bed bug control you have to eliminate your Bedbugs. If you find any bedbug in your home or any place don’t touch them just give a call us we eliminate your bedbugs in 24 hours time.

By using the modern technologies and highly qualified expert we element your Bedbugs for any kind of information calls us at +919206013333. Or Mail us at: pestdial.in@gmail.com

Our Spray-based bedbug management solution

PECOPP’S trained team thoroughly inspects your premises for eggs and if spotted, we crush and remove them . Further, we treat all the likely hideouts of the bed bugs to maximize the chance of eliminating bed bugs from your home.

We carefully spray chemical pesticides on all items in the vicinity of a bed bug infestation including baseboards, floor and wall junctions, tack strips under carpets, electrical outlets and switches, cracks in the walls and floors, wall-mounted items and structural voids.

Our two types of bed bug treatments are:

  • Single treatment of two services and sixty-day warranty.
  • AMC treatment of three services in a year.

As part of our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for treatment against bed bugs, we visit our customers house thrice a year. At PECOPP, we give our customers’ experience the utmost importance and offer a 60-day warranty and free follow-up visits to ensure that your problem is fully resolved.

What can you do to prevent beg bugs at your home?

Living with bed bugs is notoriously unpleasant. These opportunistic pests hide close to the humans to sneak out and draw the blood of the host without them noticing . A bed bug injects saliva to numb the area it bites, so the bitten person does not feel the pain. Some ways that can prevent you from hosting these pests at your home are-

How do I know that my home is infested with bedbugs?

These signs may help you to find bedbug infestation though these signs may be misunderstood with similar ones of other insects:

  • Bed bug foecal matter leaves stains on fabric
  • Bed bugs shed skin in molting and the skins from many bed bugs is evidence of their presence
  • Blood stains from crushed bed bugs that have fed on blood

Bedbugs are more likely to harbor more in or on materials made of wood, paper, or fabric and less in those materials made of metal or plastic. Common hiding places are located within six or fewer feet from where humans sleep or rest. Places where you can find bed bugs include mattress seams and tufts, wood joints of box springs beneath covers, joints of bed frames, behind headboards, under loose wallpaper, behind picture frames, and inside furniture.

Our Solution


We’ll inspect your home from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems.


We’ll treat the perimeter of your structure with the appropriate materials, remove all accessible spiderwebs and wasp nests, and use the safest methods available.


We’ll do everything we can to keep insects out—seal, caulk, plug, and secure gaps and cracks.

Keep Watch

We’ll treat the interior of your home and install pest monitors in critical areas such as kitchens, baths, utility rooms, and garages.


We’ll always provide a detailed report of services rendered and recommendations to help keep your home free of pests.

Follow Up

We’ll stay in touch between our regularly scheduled visits and respond to any immediate needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blood spots found on one's sheets, bites and the presence of bed bug feces and cast skins are some of the indications of a bed bug infestation. Bites are commonly found on the parts of the body that are more likely to be exposed to bed bugs during sleep - the hands, neck, face, shoulders, legs and arms. While not always the case, bed bug bites are often grouped together in a small area and at times may occur in a line or a zigzag pattern. Bites normally look like small, flat or raised areas that may become inflamed, itchy, red or blistered. Bed bug bite reactions don’t always appear immediately after you’re bitten and may take a few days to begin causing symptoms. However, not everyone reacts to bed bug bites in the same manner.

Bed bugs are flat and small in size, allowing them to hide easily from view during the day when they are not active. They hide in mattresses, bed frames, bedding, furniture, carpets, baseboards and bedroom clutter. They are most commonly found in the seams of mattresses or inside box springs. However, it is not necessary to locate a specimen to identify an infestation. Their excrement leaves brown to black stains on mattresses and linens, and bloodstains may be visible where bed bugs have been accidentally crushed

Bed bugs are transported by people, most often in personal belongings such as the following:
  • Luggage & Suitcases
  • Purses
  • Gym bags
  • Items kept close to sleep areas

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